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The competitions

The location of the competition alternates each year. The next competition, in the summer of 2020, will take place in Gosport in England.


The competitions constitute a privileged moment to compare our project with those of teams from North America, Europe and even Oceania. Several criteria are evaluated during competitions: speed, safety, technical rigor, innovation and manufacturing quality. The competitions allow us to meet teams from all over the world as well as resource people with expertise in the marine and military field, but also to be able to travel overseas and live greatly enriching experiences.


Gosport, England


The European edition of the race, the eISR, takes place in Gosport, England and is of the agility and endurance type. The course consists of a straight line of approximately 80 meters where an instantaneous speed will be measured between 42 and 55 meters. This straight line is followed by a 180 degree turn over a radius of about 25 meters. The race ends with a slalom of increasing difficulty during the competition. The total length of the race is around 175 meters.

During 14 days, the judges award points for the amount of completed races, the best speed and the number of breakage. At the end of the 14 days, they deliberate and take stock of the scores allocated to each of the teams on the course, in addition to the points awarded for the report and presentation.

Course layout eISR.jpg

Durant 14 jours, les juges accordent des points pour la quantité de courses complétées, les meilleures vitesse et le nombre de bris. Au terme des 14 jours, ils délibèrent et font le point sur le pointage attribué à chacune des équipes dans le parcours, en plus des points accordées pour le rapport et la présentation.

Bethesda, United States


L'édition américaine de la course, l'ISR, se tient au Maryland et est hébergé par la « Foundation for Underwater Research and Education » et le « US Navy Warfare Center –Carderock division ». Cette course consiste en un sprint de 100 m en ligne droite au cours duquel la vitesse instantanée du sous-marin est mesurée par le temps pris à traverser les deux portes de temps à 45 et 55 mètres du parcours. 

Course layout ISR.jpg

The American edition of the race, the ISR, is held in Maryland and is hosted by the "Foundation for Underwater Research and Education" and the "US Navy Warfare Center - Carderock division". This race consists of a sprint of 100 m in a straight line during the instantaneous speed of the submarine is sought by the time taken to cross the two doors of time at 45 and 55 meters from the course.


During 5 days, judges evaluate our performances according to the speed of the submarine during the lessons, the number of finished lessons, the presentation of our project and its report. We compete against twenty teams.

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