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SINCE 1990

The Omer club has been designing human-powered submarines since 1990. A submarine is said to be “human-powered” when its only source of energy comes from the physical effort of the pilot(s). It is therefore, by definition, prohibited to use any system to accumulate or generate energy. As the passenger compartment is not waterproof, the occupants of the submarine use scuba diving equipment.

In order to diversify the challenges, the Omer club tries to alternate the design of its human-powered submarines in the four categories found in competition, notably:

  • Propeller single-seater

  • Single seater without propeller

  • Propeller two-seater

  • Two-seater without propeller

Club Omer is...

  • 33 years of existence (1990)

  • 12 submarines

  • 8 World Records

  •  Prizes and distinctions


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