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eISR (2022)

- Prix de l'innovation

- Trophée Feel The Force

ISR 17 (2023)

- Overall performance

- Most innovative propulsion

- Fastest speed by category 

- Best spirit of the race


Omer 12 is proof of the phenomenal ability of ÉTS students to shine through their ingenuity. Based on the mode of propulsion used tug boats (relatively small but very powerful and very manoeuvrable boats, used to guide, pull, push larger boats entering and leaving ports), the Voith-Schneiders seemed a winning avenue for an adaptation to a man powered submarine. It was therefore conceived during a graduation project. After several years of design, manufacture and perseverance, we were finaly able to install this unique mode of propulsion never seen before on Omer 12.


It was in September of 2019 that the manufacture of Omer 12 began. With a new team full of recruits and veterans ready to train them, the manufacture of our new two-seater submarine was going well. However, only a few months after its production began, the global Covid-19 pandemic dampened the enthusiasm of our submariners. Indeed, our workshops being closed to prevent the proliferation of the virus, we had to put a stop most of our face-to-face activities. It was only after several months and with fewer members that we were able to resume our activities. However, it was made difficult to recruit new members since face-to-face activities, even if permitted, were very limited. Another issue was our loss of veterancy caused by the pandemic. Even during the lockdowns, school continued and many expert in our team graduated. This made the transfert of knowledge quite difficult. 


Despite all the difficulties, the team was able to overcome the hardships and have a functional submarine to be able to participate in the competition in July 2022. The eISR held in Gosport in England was the first competitive outing for many of the members of the club who rolled up their sleeves and took a lot of the work on their shoulders. Helped by former members, our team managed to perform in the competition without the main direction of the submarine. Indeed, it was a few days before sending the submarine by plane to England that we realized that the boxes used to steer the submarine by the vuths did not fit. We therefore had to adapt the auxiliary steering (the fins located at the rear of the submarine) so that it became the main steering.

Even if we did not manage to complete the course in its entirety, we are still very proud of the work accomplished, of the performance of our team but above all of the help that we have given to the other clubs present!

Publication of OMER 12


Omer 12 is still in operation and our team is currently working to resolve the steering box issue for next the competition in the United States in 2023. It is also used during for the club presentations and demonstrations. However, due to its size, it moslty remains in our workshop for now.

Partners of Omer 12

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