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The Tenth Model 

When we decided on the type of submarine we wanted to make for OMER X, the idea was to design and build a submarine that had never been made before. The idea was to try different new solutions and push the innovation of OMER submarines. It is not only a question of integrating different systems but of ensuring that the new prototype that we propose has been studied, calculated, simulated and tested to function well and be reliable.

The result is a submarine with an entirely new and optimized propulsion system, a new, more efficient fin configuration, a new design for the stabilizers, a new, cheaper fin manufacturing method, new, smaller electronic boxes and safer, two of the sensors that record the behavior of the submarine, a new electronic platform that allows to be more adaptive and even more.

Publication of OMER X


Omer X is now retired and non-functional. However, it serves as a model and visibility for the club. It is also proudly exhibited at the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal.

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