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Omer 1

Prix, Records & Reconnaissances

Best Innovation for a University Team

Best International Innovation

Better instrumentation

The club very first submarine

The first Omer submarine was designed and built in 1990. The first competition in which it took place was in 1993. It was also used in competitions until 1994.


Omer 1 is a two-seater submarine with a single pedaler. The exterior of the submarine hull was made of fiberglass. As for the interior of the hull, it is composed of a balsa wood core in order to ensure that the sub had zero buoyancy.


Omer 1 had many innovative features. First, a propeller was specially made for the submarine. The design as well as the manufacture of the latter were both carried out by the members of the team. The propeller was  incidentally fitted with a variable pitch mechanism which allowed the pilot to change the angle of the propeller directly from an on-board computer.


Eventually, an elliptical pedal system was also added in the propulsion system.


Formerly exhibited at the Institut maritime du Québec in Rimouski, Omer 1 was then moved to the historic maritime site of Pointe-au-Père.

OMER 1 in the press!


Appeared in the September 1993 edition of the student newspaper of the time, "JETS" (now called "L'Heuristique").

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