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Omer 2

Prix, Records & Reconnaissances

World record for speed over 10 m (6.977 knots)

World record for speed over 100 m (6.291 knots)

First position for speed

Best Design Award


The Omer 2 submarine is in the two-seater category with a single pedaler. Omer 2 was an improved version of the first Omer submarine. Indeed, the hull was made from the same mold as Omer 1. It also used the same materials as well. Either models where made of fiberglass with a balsa wood core.

Although having almost the same hull as Omer 1, slight modifications have been made to the latter. Indeed, the layout of the windows of the submarine has notably been improved, in order to increase the vision of the pilot. In addition, Omer 2 has been given great mechanical improvements. First, the design of the submarine steering system has been completely overhauled. Then the steering system was redesigned as well as the position of the fins. The propulsion system has also been completely redone. Finally, the submarine has a new propeller and its position on the tail cone has been revised.


Electrically, Omer 2 includes great improvements. The pilot station has been added an electronic display with LCD screen. The latter informs the pilot about the status of the various components of the submarine and other relevant information. The submarine on-board computer has also been improved. The driver now has an electric emergency stop handle for safety reasons. Finally, the variable pitch system now uses information from a speed sensor as well as the rotational speed of the crankset to adjust the angle of attack of the propeller.


Eventually, an elliptical pedal system was also added to the propulsion system.


The submarine is currently displayed with pride and honor at the top of the main staircase of Pavilion A at the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal.

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