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Omer 5

Prix, Records & Reconnaissances

World record for speed 


First place overall

First position for absolute speed


Omer 5 was manufactured during the 2002-2003 period to participate in a new category set up during competitions, two-seater submarines. The idea retained was to place the pedalers foot by foot in order to bring together the propulsion system in the middle of the submarine and thus reduce the size.

The front pedal, in addition to providing power, is also responsible for piloting the submarine. An improvement brought by the submarine was the presence of an on-board computer which features an autopilot system. Thus, the pilot no longer has to drive the submarine and can concentrate solely on his physical performance. In addition, this prototype used a pre-cambered propeller model to counter the deformation caused by the force developed by the propeller. In addition to these improvements, the choice of construction materials was different. The hull of the submarine is made of carbon fiber and kevlar with a core of high density foam.


It was used in competition until 2007. The fastest speed this submarine reached was 8,035 knots. This time was recorded in Bethesda, MD during the 9th International Submarine Race in 2007. This speed remains until today the absolute world record to beat.


Omer 5 is now treated with great care from a private individual who bought it at school.

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