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Omer 3

Prix, Records & Reconnaissances

First position for speed

First position for the presentation

Speed: 6,977 knots


The Omer 3   submarine was designed with the aim of being more aggressive in competitions. Indeed, the locations of the races changed drastically. It was no longer about tours which take place in the ocean. From now on, the races take place in a straight line in an indoor pool. Since races now take place under controlled conditions, safety requirements have decreased. Its design and manufacture were carried out during the period 1996-1997. It was used in competition until 1999.

The Omer 3 submarine is in the single-seater category. It is the club first submarine where the person supplying the propulsion energy is also the pilot. This improvement allowed the reduction of the volume of the hull allowing an increase in the top speed of the submarine.


Thus, mechanically, the hull of the submarine has been completely redesigned. Construction materials have also changed a lot. Now it was fabricated with carbon fiber and kevlar layers with a honeycomb panel core ensuring zero buoyancy. In addition to this improvement, the propeller design has been further improved. As well as the steering and propulsion system.

As for the electrical plan, Omer 3 now uses Panama software. This software enables wireless communication between the submarine on-board computer and a control center. This allows you to read the submarine telemetry and change the variable pitch control settings between each attempt. The exchange of information is done by a modem which sends the information to a surface buoy. This acts as a bridge between the surface and the water in which the submarine is located.


The Omer 3 submarine is currently on display with respect and honor at the Montreal Science Center.

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